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Virtual Viewings During Covid 19Covid-19

Closing Deals With Virtual Viewings

During the Covid-19 circuit breaker in Apr to Jun, the Council of Estate Agencies has advised real estate agents that real estate agents are not allowed to conduct physical viewings for our customers for new launches (show rooms are closed and continue to be closed in Phase 1), viewings for HDB or private properties resales purchases and even viewings for rental deals.

This can be seen in the FAQ from CEA and also in many newspapers articles.

No Physical Viewings During Covid 19

This is to reduce the physical interaction between strangers during this difficult time of circuit breaker and is the correct decision to flatten the curve. Even though it does creates a lot of logistics issues for real estate agents and our customers.

Creating Opportunities for Good Real Estate Agents too

However, as they said, this also creates an opportunity for us, real estate agents who are willing to learn and to change, to create value for our real estate customers.

Old Ways Wont Open New Doors

And these motivating quotes like these help to keep us going 

“A Pessimist Sees The Difficulty In Every Opportunity; An Optimist Sees The Opportunity In Every Difficulty.” – Winston Churchill

“The Entrepreneur Always Searches For Change, Responds To It, And Exploits It As An Opportunity.” – Peter Drucker

Innovative Solutions Appearing To Meet the Needs

And indeed you started to see innovative solutions such as virtual viewings, using courier services to pass documents around the seller/landlord and buyer/tenant and even witnessing signing of documents through Zoom Meetings etc. 

We are also spending a lot of time marketing properties through virtual marketing (more Facebook posts, more instagram stories, and also lots of Zoom workshops to explain things to customers).

The good thing is also that many of our customers and potential customers are having some time on their hands to listen to these Zoom workshops during this period of time.

The newspaper articles are also showing the results.

Virtual Viewings During Covid 19

Virtual Viewings During Covid 19

Calin Chong Property During this Period of Time

What about Calin Chong Property ? We are still open for business during this period of time to serve you !

Your friendly real estate agent here were also closing my deals through virtual viewings, lots of Zoom conference calls and viewings. And I think I never used more courier services than ever before. I think the courier man has become a personal friend 

And indeed…. if you follow my Facebook page, you will also some examples of my services to my customers.

Calin Chong Virtual Viewings Success

To this
Calin Chong Virtual Viewings Success 2

While it is not ideal during this period of time, and we are also trying our best to be safe, it is also important for me to continue to try innovative solutions to serve my customers !

Do contact me if you need help with your real estate needs.

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In the meantime, wear your mask, wash your hands and KEEP SAFE !!

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